Top 10 Fastest Football Players

10. Leo Messi (FC Barcelona)32.6 km/h

The 33 year old forward Leonel Messi recored his fastest speed in the green field against Malaga FC in 2014/15 LaLiga Division.
The 6th Ballon d’or winner isn’t known for his rapid speed but he definitely took a place as the tenth fastest player in official games.
The 32 year old striker from Argentina has been playing for FC Barcelona since 2005, when he transfered from FC Barcelona B, and he counts over 626 goals, 247 assists in 718 apps. His contract expires on 30th of June 2021 but his only intent is to retire in Barcelona. His current value according to TranferMartk is €112mln.
Leo Messi holds the record for the most goals scored in one season. 2011/12 season was the best season for LM10, which resulted in 91 goals & 31 assists in all competitions.


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