How would Premier League table be without VAR

VAR is making controversy in England’s League. Video Assistance Referee got into Premier League this season, meanwhile some managers, players and referees have been complaining continuously.
If this new technology wouldn’t be used in EPL this season, the table would look like this:

  1. Liverpool would be still in the first place with 69 points, with -4 points deduced. LFC has been so many time criticized for being helped with video assistant referee, but seems like they would still be on the first place after all with 15 points ahead Manchester City.
    They would have 4 points less in there was no VAR included but their position would be unchanged.

2. Manchester City would also still be the second with 54 points, +3 points added.
– Match versus Tottenham, when Mike Dean didn’t give a penalty for the foul of Serge Aurier against Sergio Aguero.
Pep Guardiola has publicly criticized VAR so many times and seems like he was right. Manchester City if there was no video assistant referee would have 4 points more and the gap between 1st place and 2nd place would be decreased to 15 points. Their position wouldn’t change tho, they would still be at place number two.

3. Leicester would also be still in the third place with 45 points, -4 points deduced. Leicester are a bit damaged from VAR, as if there was no video assistant referee they’d have four points more, which would not change their position but it would secure them a place in the Champions League.

4. Chelsea would also be still in fourth place with 43 points, +2 points added.
Chelsea would also secure a place in the Champions League if there was not VAR, keeping in mind that 3rd to 5th place hap is only two points and only 2nd, 3rd and 4th place would advance in Champions League.

5. Wolves would be in the 5th place, with 38 points in total, +3 points added and would be 3 positions higher.
They seem like to be one of the most damaged teams in England, losing three points via VAR and three positions. In the real time they are competing with Tottenham for a place in Europa League, with only one point difference, two last Premier League’s weeks will be decisive.

6. Tottenham would be one position lower with 36 points, -1 point deduced.
As we said earlier Tottenham are behind Wolves with a point less and they’re competing with them for an Europa League place. So without VAR they would still be in race for Europa League but just with two points difference with Wolves.

7. Everton would be two positions higher, so on 7th place with 36 points, +3 points added. Everton is out of European competitions for this season, and they secured their place in the English league for the next season so VAR didn’t change anything for them.

13. West Ham is the most damaged team from video assistant referee. Seems like without VAR West Ham would be five positions higher and six points more.
They are currently in the 16th position with 6 points ahead from the 18th position, relegation zone, with two matches remain if they lose both of them and Aston Villa or Bournemouth win both of them than West Ham would risk to relegate to Championship league.

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