10 Favourites for EPL player of the year

It’s a matter of time for Liverpool to be revealed as EPL Champions of the 2019/20 season.
Kloop’s squad is currently 22 points ahead the second place Manchester City.
EPL players soon will be able to vote for the EPL Player of the Year, below you will have the 10 candidates for this award:

10. Fabinho
The Brazilian is currently having an amazing form and he’s ranked as the 10th for the Player of the Year award.
With no doubt he is one of the most deserved for LFC’s situation in the league. Even though he plays as a defensive midfielder he has been able to score some decisive goals against big teams. He has played 27 matches, being able to score two goals and giving four assists. He scored the winning goal against their direct opponents, Man. City in the 54th minute with an rocket shoot he did outside the keeper area.
He hasn’t been able to play all of the Premier League matches due to his ligament injury he took against Manchester United.
He is currently valuated by transferMarket with 56mln euros.

9. Roberto Firmono
The Liverpool’s striker holds the 9th position with over 11 goals and 12 assists he provided this season.
Together with Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, they make one of the most deadliest trio in Europe.
It has not been his best season so far but with his attacking duo, Mane and Salah, his lack hasn’t been that visible.
He is Jurgen Kloop’s most used players, starting 33 out of 36 matches, and being substituted three times, so he has played all the possible matches in Premier League this season.
He is currently the 3rd Liverpool’s most valuated player, behind Mo. Salah and Sadio Mane, with a market price of 72mln.

8. Raheem Sterling
The English striker isn’t in his highest form as he was last season, but he still is one of the most decisive players of Manchester City.
In his 48 appearances he was able to score 27 goals and providing 9 assists.
He has been included in the starting eleven 28 times, substituted twice and loosing three matches due to his hamstring injury.
However he is Man. City’s and Premier League’s second most valuated player, with a market price tag of 128mln.

7. Jamie Vardy
Jamie is at his best form currently, holding the top scorers place with 23 goals and 7 assists. Thanks to Vardy, Leicester are in the 4th place with only one point away from the third place, Chelsea.
They will be competing with Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham for a spot in the Champions League groups. They’re currently in the 4th position with 62 points, Chelsea holds 2nd position with 63 points, Manchester United the 4th place with 62 points, but Chelsea and Manchester United have a match less than Leicester and Tottenham, whom most likely are out of the CHL competition for the next season.
With a match less, Manchester United could pass Leicester by 2 points, if they win against West Ham, however the last match between Leicester and Manchester United will be a decisive match for the Champions League 4th team picker.

6. Trend Alexander-Arnold
The 21 year old helped Liverpool FC win the Premier League trophy, scoring 3 goals and making 14 assists.
He is being consider as the best right back in football right now, due to his speed, strength, his extraordinary ability to score free kicks and of course his attacking ability.
He is the most valuable right back currently, with a price tag of 99mln.
It’s worth mentioning the fact he didn’t lose a match in the league, starting 34 of them and being substituted twice out of 36 matches.

5. Virgil van Dijk
The Dutch keeps holding the title as the best center-back in Premier League.
Thanks to him LFC has the least conceded goals this season[only 15]. In his 48 appearances he has scored four times and gave two assists.
He has started every possible match in the Premier League this season, 36 out of 36, and he is Kloop’s most used player this season.

4. Mo Salah
The Egyptian in his all 46 appearances has been able to contribute in 35 goals, scoring 23 and giving 12 assists. He has been a key player of Liverpool losing only four matches out of 35(one due to an injury and three on the bench).
He won the Player of the Year award in 2018 and he is trying to repeat it.
Mo Salah has been linked with a move of big teams, like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich & more, but looks like he has found his home at Anfield.
In his 150 appearances for Liverpool he gave 134 contributions (94 goals, 40 assists). He is Liverpool’s most valuated player with a price tag of 120mln.

3. Kevin de Bryne
He is the best midfielder in EPL and the most decisive player of Manchester City. He is the most valuated player in Manchester City & Premier League (120mln) and is included with no doubt in the top 5 most valuable players in the world.
He has played 45 matches for City this season and was being able to score 13 goals and giving 14 assists.
With the decision of UEFA to ban Man. City for the further two season from Champions League, KDB was at risk to leave the club for a club which can actually play in CHL. So many teams were interested in the Belgian, but City’s appeal for removing the ban was accepted and now they can play in Champions League.

2. Sadio Mane
The LFC left wing has scored 17 goals and gave 10 assists, and he’s obviously a top candidate for the award.
He has player 41 appearances for Liverpool FC this season. He has been the 2nd most key player of Liverpool playing all matches but 5, four of which he was injured.

1. Jordan Henderson
The English Midfielder is one of the most deserved for Liverpool’s success this season. He’s scored 4 goals and gave 5 assists, and as a captain he is a born leader and a decisive candidate for the player of the year.
From all 30 matches Jordan Henderson played, Liverpool was able to win 27 of them and losing only one. He missed 9 games this season and LFC lost four of them and drew twice, an interesting fact that shows why Henderson is such a key player for the team and is serious candidate for the award.

Keep in mind guys these leaderboards have been issued by expertised journalists.
Also it’s worth mentioning 7/10 Liverpool players dominance in this leaderboard, this is the best example for the extraordinary form of Liverpool.

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